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Cashback up to 5% from Visa and FINOM

15 March – 25 April 2022

The total joint VISA & FINOM cashback under this Promo is limited up to 5% and is restricted as stated herein:

Cashback 2% from Visa

Promotion period: 15 March – 25 April 2022

Conditions for participation in the promotion:

1.FINOM Visa cardholder in GERMANY

2.Users must meet Visa eligibility requirements and register here.

Conditions for receiving rewards:

  1. Users who meet the conditions of the promotion have the opportunity to receive 2% cashback on contactless payments up to €25
  2. Only contactless payments with the registered Visa card (f.e. Apple Pay, Google Pay or contactless physical card) will be considered.

The following transactions are also excluded from this promotion:

  • All payments made through devices which require  to swipe, enter a personal identification number (PIN) or and/or sign for a transaction;
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs with the Visa card;
  • Transactions related to betting and gambling, e.g.  fees for lottery and sports betting;
  • Transactions for financial services, e.g. domestic and international money orders and for purchases of foreign currency and travellers checks;
  • Transactions for insurance benefits, e.g.  travel cancellation insurance;
  • Transactions in which funds are credited to the card account.

Promo limits: The maximum cashback per user is €25.

Conditions for crediting prizes: 

The respective credit amount will be transferred to the card account of the participant concerned within 4 weeks. In individual cases, there may be delays in transfers due to the different processing times of banks and financial service providers.

Cashback up to 3% FINOM

FINOM offers its users an additional cashback of up to 3% for all expenses on their Visa card.  This offer is subject to rules and limited as stated in the FINOM Cashback rewards page.