• European IBAN

    Account opened online in 24 hours

  • € 0 per month

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    free Solo plan

  • Up to 3% cashback

    Spend anywhere and receive the highest rebate on the market

  • International

    All around the globe 24 currencies and 150 countries

Three times cheaper than at traditional banks

Exchange money and transfer worldwide

  • Discover our exceptional exchange rates: Interbank + 0,5%
  • Store money with no commission in any of the 24 currencies available
  • Send funds with a fixed fee of €10 – whatever the amount
  • Expect up to 75% of global transactions to come within the same day

Finom is more than just
a business account

Free physical & virtual cards

VISA cards that earn you cashback on all in-store and online purchases!

  • Instantly issue an unlimited number of free virtual cards
  • Get free physical cards delivered to your doorstep
  • Pay on the go with Apple Pay & Google Pay
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Expense Management

Get personal and team expenses in control and keep your books tidy

  • Issue, top-up or limit cards for employees in clicks
  • Get employees receipts uploaded with just a camera tap
  • Bulk export of documents and transactions data
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More than 100,000 entrepreneurs have already taken the step.

And what about you?!

  • Ergonomic platform, very clear to create your company.


  • Everything is well thought out and super simple to use. I highly recommend Finom, especially if you're just starting out.


  • Responsiveness, ease of use, prices lower than the market. It's great to have a tool like this available for a small business.


  • Finom is 10 times better and more modern than comparable platforms, the price is very reasonable. I've never experienced such a smooth integration process when opening an account.


  • Opening an account is easy. We stay constantly informed of account access and activity, with 2-factor authentication. I'm really satisfied with the service!


  • Everything is clear, with no hidden costs, and with a great team on hand to do everything they can to support you! The app is very user-friendly with lots of possibilities.


Finom pricing and plans

Subscription plans at a fair cost tailored to fit your business.




€ 0€ 0


€ 14€ 17

/month (excl. VAT)

you save € 36

One month free, cancel anytime


€ 28€ 34

/month (excl. VAT)

you save € 72

One month free, cancel anytime

Users included








Access to Business Platform

Accounting integrations

All transactions history in smart dashboards

Real-time notifications


Number of connected banks and payment service provider

Mobile app (iOS & Android)

99% guaranteed uptime SLA

Role and user management

Accountant access

Manual access to wallets for team members

Visual analytics of income and expenses

Dark theme

Custom plan


from € 119

Tailored for your business

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  • unlimited cashback up to 0.5%
  • special terms on international payments
  • profitable currency exchange rates
  • dedicated account manager

What you get with Finom

  • IBAN in just 24 hours
  • Free physical & virtual cards
  • Up to 3% cashback
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Accounting software integration
  • Simple yet powerful invoicing
  • Expense management solution
  • In-cloud Document storage

Security is our top priority

  • Safeguarded funds: unlimited

    We have a separate Safeguarding Foundation supervised by the DNB to manage your money

  • Passkeys and 3D Secure

    Your money is protected with secure passwordless authentication and single-use passwords

  • GDPR Compliance

    Our servers are protected and hosted in the European Union

  • Reliable partners

    To minimize risks, we’ve partnered with one of the largest multinational banks, BNP Paribas, to hold your funds

Customer support,
providing real-time care

  • Dedicated phone or video support

  • Response time less than 1 minute

  • Interactive Help Center available 24 hours


Contact us on e-mail: [email protected]


  • What is Finom?

    Finom is a European fintech company built for entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises. We believe that small businesses are the foundation of the European economy, so our goal is to simplify the lives of those who provide for half of Europe. We came to bring the technologies of the future to business management processes for entrepreneurs, enabling them to spend their resources where it matters the most: on their businesses and themselves. That’s why we combined all these different financial services, such as accounting, financial management, and a business account, into one convenient solution. Early-stage businesses can sign up for an online account within minutes and immediately enjoy our features’ advantages via our mobile and web apps.
  • When did the project start?

    Founded in the Netherlands in 2019 by a group of experienced fintech entrepreneurs, Finom entered Europe’s market as the smartest and fastest e-invoicing solution. Now Finom is a trusted financial platform with approximately €1 billion in monthly transactions and serves thousands of entrepreneurs from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Poland daily.
  • How does Finom differ from competitors?

    At Finom, we are setting new standards for doing business, demonstrating how finances can and should be managed in the modern world – as easily as using your smartphone. With us, you can track your expenses and income and categorize your movement to know where and how you spend. We provide bank account aggregation so you can monitor all your flows in one place. You will have your IBAN, physical and virtual cards loaded with cashback and the chance to manage your invoices, matching them with transactions.
  • How many customers does Finom have?

    Finom’s customers include over 100,000 freelancers, self-employed, startups, and small to medium-sized companies from all across Europe.
  • Is my data safe with Finom?

    Finom protects your data and guarantees the highest level of security: Finom has no access to your online banking credentials, and they are double-encrypted (for additional protection) using passkeys or a one-time password that must be entered each time you try to log in). All data transfers are transmitted over TLS-encrypted channels and are thereby protected via end-to-end encryption. We do not store your personal data against your will or without your explicit consent. Finom is GDPR (DSGVO for Germany and RGPD for France) compliant, which means that you can revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time. Finom Privacy Policy regulates the processing of your personal data.
  • How does a Finom business account differ from a traditional bank account?

    Finom is a fintech company and NOT a bank. Finom allows you to access some services associated with traditional banking, such as payments, withdrawals, and cards, but in the fastest and smartest way. With Finom, you can set up a business account in a few seconds, check your balance on the go, get cashback of up to 3%, create and send invoices, rely on real-time customer support, delegate tasks to team members, monitor your expenses and incomes, and have them categorized according to your habits.
  • Under which license does Finom operate?

    Finom Payments BV (Finom) is a licensed electronic money institution authorized by the Dutch Central Bank, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), to operate in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • What documents do I need to open an account?

    Whether you are a freelancer or own a company, opening your Finom business account only takes a few minutes. You will only need three things for it:
    • The email address and password you used for the pre-registration (if you forgot them, click ‘forgot password’)
    • Your ID or passport ready to verify your identity
    • All the information about your business
  • Can entrepreneurs from any country open an account?

    Currently, we open business accounts for companies based in and operating from Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. Our invoicing plan is available in Poland, while freelancer and customized corporate tariffs can be picked by any of the EEA countries’ entrepreneurs. The legal representative (the sole individual authorized to open a business account on behalf of a company) and the beneficial owners must possess a valid residence permit in one of the mentioned countries, irrespective of the country where their passport/ID card is issued. Additionally, we welcome applications from US residents and citizens establishing businesses in the EU.
  • Who is the legal representative?

    To open your Finom business account, you must be your company’s legal representative. A legal representative is a natural person who is authorized to act on behalf of the company and is empowered to perform all actions related to the general administration of the company under the company’s purpose, such as a CEO.
  • How can I withdraw funds from my account or make deposits into it?

    A Finom Business Account has all the main services of a traditional bank, such as making withdrawals from the account and depositing funds into it. You can use a SEPA transfer from your other bank account to deposit into an account. To withdraw, you can use your physical Finom card at any European ATM, free amount to withdraw per month depends on your chosen plan.
  • Can I make SEPA and international transfers with Finom (like SWIFT or similar)?

    Yes, Finom allows you to send payments within the SEPA zone as well as international payments worldwide.
  • Does your support team speak my language?

    Of course! Our customer care team speaks all the languages of the countries we cover, like German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and more. And yes, English too, of course. So, language won’t be a barrier when you need assistance.
  • If I need help, can I talk to someone?

    Finom users can rely on fast and prompt Customer Care support that replies and solves all your questions, concerns, and difficulties in a few minutes, in your language. You can reach us via a live chat in the mobile application and the web version or by email during office hours.