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FINOM - the fastest and easiest online financial management service for SMEs, freelancers, and the self-employed in Europe.

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Now you'll know almost as much about your finances as your accountant

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Transfer money online via your smartphone, laptop, and desktop
Get rid of your cash gaps by tracking your current and scheduled cash flow.
Detailed information on a particular customer or supplier
Issue, send
and pay invoices
Match invoices
to their payments
Expense reports by category (e.g. transport, utilities, rent)

Easily manage your finances via your smartphone

Connect any bank account to Finom to get all your finances in one place

  • You can easily see from which account it is best to pay from or invoice to at any given moment

  • When your bank fails you, make instant payments with us - all your contractor billing details are stored with Finom

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Free virtual card for your business

  • Issue and block virtual
    cards in less than a minute

  • Use virtual cards with different limits for different employees

  • Benefit from comprehensive tracking of
    all card actions

  • Easily pay anywhere using contactless payments on your phone

  • Our virtual
    card service is free of charge

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Earn from your expenses:
get 0.30% cashback on all card payments

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The easiest invoicing solution in Europe

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  • Easily match client invoices with payments

  • Create invoices within 60 seconds