About us

We are a team of successful, modern, serial entrepreneurs with vast experience in creating IT solutions. We entered banking to become technological challengers.

Our goal

is to simplify the life of those who provide for half the Europe.

With broad experience in fintech

We came to bring the technologies of the future to business management processes for entrepreneurs, so they spend heavily only on what benefits their business or what they enjoy.
That's why we created Finom.


  • Andrey Petrov


    20 years in fintech and IT. Founder of Modulbank, the successful digital bank for entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe: 255 K+ clients. Had his own kindergarten franchise. Lives in Cyprus.

  • Oleg Laguta


    14 years in fintech and banking development. Founder of Modulbank: $ 65 M revenue. He opened a restaurant with local Buryat cuisine in Siberia. Lives in Cyprus.

  • Konstantin Stiskin


    10+ years as investor and entrepreneur. Over 40 invested deals, including 15 fintechs. Entrepreneurial experience in genetics. Lives in Cyprus.

  • Yakov Novikov


    15 years in fintech and marketing. Founder of Modulbank: 75% Net Promoter Score. Entrepreneur with experience in independent children's book publishing. Lives in Cyprus.

We sought to make a product that pools accounting, financial management and banking functions in a single, mobile-first product.

At Finom, we set new standards for doing business, demonstrating how finances can and should be managed in the modern world – as easily as using your smartphone.

We use Finom every day ourselves

because we not only believe in the product but also want the best. We also improve Finom daily according to entrepreneurs’ needs and wants. We plan to build other new services for people like ourselves.

For those who believe
enough is not enough.


  • Antonio la Mura


    6 years in fintech and business development. Manages a farm in Southern Italy. Lives in Milan, Italy.

  • Sergey Petrov


    14 years in fintech and finance. Entrepreneur with experience in e-commerce, bakeries and online B2B legal assistance services. Lives in the Netherlands.

  • Ivo Dimitrov


    12 years in design and product management, 6+ years in fintech. Owner of a mobile marketplace for tattoo artists and other online services for startups. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

  • Alena Valovaya


    4 years in fintech. 13 years in HR, 3 years in Marketing. Сonducts independent coaching with European ECF certification. Lives in Moscow, Russia.

  • Andrey Varikov


    5 years in fintech. 16 years in various IT startups that have been successfully sold. Lives in Ufa, Russia.