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  • You mention payments coming faster with Finom’s invoicing. What does it mean?

    We’ve made paying directly from the invoice page easy for your customers. You spend less than a minute creating an invoice, and then you can send it via email, Facebook, messengers, or by simply copying the direct link. Your customers can securely pay the invoice from that page with a simple click. It’s fast and, best of all, free! In our Help Center, you can find more information about enabling this option and why it’s easy and convenient for your customers.

  • Is there a limit on free cards I can issue?

    You can have up to 10 virtual and 1 physical VISA cards per user. All these cards are free and score the exact % of cashback according to your chosen plan. Additional cards beyond these limits are available only in case of loss (physical), expiration, or blocking. In these situations, you can request replacements that will be totally free of charge.

  • Is Finom’s cashback fixed?

    No, the cashback amount (2-3%) depends on your chosen plan. Still, it spreads on all in-store or online business expenses made with physical and virtual Finom cards. The higher your plan, the more cashback you'll earn. Remember that there are a few rules, like a monthly maximum cashback limit based on your plan (from €10 to €90). Plus, as Finom VISA cards are eligible for inner VISA promotions and special offers, you’ll benefit from other exclusive deals.

  • Is it easy to open a business account with Finom?

    Yes! You can do it all online in under 15 minutes. Sign up with your email, provide your company details, pass a quick verification, complete the application, and install our app. Once your account is verified (usually in 1-3 business days), you’ll have immediate access to a German IBAN, up to 3% cashback, and all other features.

  • Can entrepreneurs from any country open an account?

    Currently, you can easily open a business account with Finom for companies based and doing business in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. Our Invoicing plan is available in Poland, while a customized corporate tariff in any of the EEA countries. The legal representative (the only person who can open a business account on behalf of a company) and the beneficial owners must have a valid residence permit in one of these countries, regardless of the country where their passport/ID card is issued.

    We plan to add more European countries in the future. However, if you own a company based in the US or if US taxpayers have an interest in your company, we are currently unable to open a business account for you due to the FATCA agreement.

  • How can I withdraw funds from my account or make deposits into it?

    A Finom Business Account has all the main services of a traditional bank, such as making withdrawals from the account and depositing funds into it. You can use a SEPA transfer from your other bank account to deposit into an account. To withdraw, you can use your physical Finom card at any European ATM, free amount to withdraw per month depends on your chosen plan.

  • Referral rewards program

    Finom rewards you and your friends for staying with us!

    This page stipulates the current Referral Rewards Program and prevails over Reward Rules to the extent as stated on this page. In non-conflicting provisions, Reward Rules apply.


    YOU get:

    - €50 for each friend who joins Finom via your invitation link and opens a payment Business Account with Finom as a company (“Firma”), or

    - €5 for each freelancer (“Einzelunternehmen”) friend who joins Finom via your invitation link, opens a Business Account, and subscribes to any payment services plan, or opens an Invoicing Account, and subscribes to the Invoicing Start plan.


    YOUR FRIEND gets:

    - 3 months free on any Finom subscription plan

    Finom Terms & Conditions and Reward Rules apply.


    This is how it works:

    - Your friends, who operate as a business, can use the personal link you shared to open their Business or Invoicing Account right now!

    - Copy the link from your referral page

    - Share it with all your friends, family, and partners (there's no limit)


    Remember: Your friends must meet the eligibility requirements of Finom.


    You will receive your reward only if your referral successfully opens either a Finom Business Account or Invoicing Account, and subscribes to an eligible “all-in-one” or “invoicing” plan.

    The more friends you invite, the more money you could possibly earn!


    Monitor your referral activity by clicking on the 'Invite friends' button at the top of the dashboard. There is a detailed chart at the bottom of the page to provide visibility on the total number of referrals invited and rewards earned.


    You can redeem your reward by transferring it to your Finom Business Account once it has been opened. Just click on the 'Get my reward' button, and spend it however you want!


    If you're on an Invoicing Start plan (so you do have a Finom Business Account) we'll apply the credit of reward towards your subscription fee.


    By sharing the referral link, you accept Finom Terms & Conditions and Reward Rules.

  • What documents do I need to open an account?

    Whether you are a freelancer or own a company, opening your Finom business account only takes a few minutes.

    You will only need three things for it: 
    - The email address and password you used for the pre-registration (if you forgot them, click 'forgot password');
    - Your ID or passport ready to verify your identity;
    - All the information about your business.

  • Who is the legal representative?

    To open your Finom business account, you must be your company’s legal representative. A legal representative is a natural person who is authorized to act on behalf of the company and is empowered to perform all actions related to the general administration of the company under the company's purpose, such as a CEO.

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