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GmbH formation
139€ instead of 389€

for GmbH formation with partner package

  • Get up and running as quickly as possible
  • Incorporate your company without navigating bureaucracy
  • Receive ongoing support from a dedicated consultant
  • Free Business Account incl. VISA card

Tailored solution for your formation

We are supporting all formations in Germany (GmbH, UG, gGmbH, gUG, Freelancer, Sole Proprietorship, etc.)


Top features

  1. 01

    Company name check with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  2. 02

    Notary appointment in the city of your choice

  3. 03

    Preparation of the opening of your company business account

  4. 04

    Handling of your company's entry into the commercial register (Handelsregister)

  5. 05

    Preparation of your trade registration (Gewerbeanmeldung)

  6. 06

    Timely preparation of your tax office questionnaire (Finanzamtfragebogen) for the application of your VAT ID (USt.-ID)

Areas of expertise:

  • Incorporation and corporate matters
  • Financing & Accounting
  • Tax-Services and Annual Accounts
  • Legal Services
  • Trademark registration


  • UG
  • GmbH
  • Freelancer
  • GbR
  • Holding
  • gGmbH / gUG
  • GmbH & Co. KG / UG & Co. KG
  • AG
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  • All day
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  • Company formation
  • Business account
  • Company formation + business account
  • Company formation + business account + bookkeeping

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Register your company and get all the benefits of Finom business account

  • Business account

    • A dedicated consultant
    • Express-Service
  • Reconciliation

    • Auto connection of invoices with payments
    • Collect, store and digitalize receipts and other documents with just a snap
  • Cards

    • Free physical and virtual cards
    • The highest 3% Cashback on the market
  • Customer support

    • Support reaction less than 5 mins
    • 5 star rating from 92% of our customers
  • Invoicing

    • Automatic payment reminders to your customer
    • 60 secs to create an invoice and send it to the client with: email, facebook, whats app
    • Link inside the invoice allows you to pay in just one click
  • Accounting

    • Full or limited safe access for your accountant
    • Integrations with Lexoffice, DATEV Online, sevDesk, FastBill, Sorted and more

Free virtual and physical cards with up to 3% cashback

  • Issue and block virtual cards within one minute
  • Customise card limits for different employees
  • Our virtual card service is free of charge
  • Easily pay anywhere with

our general partner in Germany