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€220 cashback to new companies (Finom & Keobiz)


This advertising offer (“Promo”) is subject to these Promo Terms, and Finom TERMS & CONDITIONS, including Terms & Conditions: TREEZOR-PNL FINTECH-France , including the Reward Rules.

This Promo is only available to an eligible Participant in the Promo Period in France who agrees to these Promo Terms and meets eligibility criteria as stated herein.

Cashback: €220 issued to the eligible Participant subject to the Promo terms.  

Eligible Subscription: any annual  Finom subscription plan purchased together with the Capital Deposit services during the Promo Period in accordance with the Finom TERMS & CONDITIONS. Eligible Subscription is subject to change or termination as stated in the TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Eligible Payment Services: Finom payment services available to eligible Participants under the Finom TERMS & CONDITIONS under the Eligible Subscription.

Finom: PNL Fintech B.V., the company registered at Jachthavenweg 109 H, 1081 KM Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Participant: All the below eligibility conditions must be met by a Finom User in order to qualify for and be the “Participant”:

  • complete and submit the requested form applying for Finom Eligible Payment Services;
  • incorporate a new business in France through the Finom partner – Keobiz;
  • qualify and enrol for the Eligible Subscription and Eligible Payment Services and successfully open the Finom Business Account;
  • all the above-listed steps should be completed during the Promo Period;
  • agree and act in accordance with these Promo Terms and Finom Terms and Conditions, including Reward Rules.

Promo: In 10 business days after the Successful opening of the Finom Business Account and only in case the Participant meets all the eligibility conditions, Finom will credit the Cashback to the Participant’s Finom Reward Account. In addition to the Cashback the Participant will receive a 50% discount on the annual Subscription Fee of the Eligible Subscription. 

Promo Conditions:

  1. One-time Cashback reward per one Participant – one legal entity;
  2. This Promo is not guaranteed;
  3. Not available to anyone residing/registered outside France;
  4. Only available to newly registered companies who used eligible incorporation services of the Finom partner – Keobiz;
  5. This Promo is offered entirely at the sole discretion of Finom and can be revoked or changed at any time;
  6. This Promo is only available for the Eligible Subscription in the Promo Period to the eligible Participant;
  7. If the Participant manipulates the Promo, submits fake evidence of its registration and existence as the company, or breaches in any way these Promo Terms and Finom Terms and Conditions, including Reward Rules, this Promo is automatically annulled, and Cashback will be withdrawn or offer Promo revoked;
  8. Participation in this Promo does not guarantee registration and provision of the Payment Services. Any Participant may be declined the Payment Services in accordance with Finom TERMS & CONDITIONS regardless of the Promo;
  9. This Promo cannot be combined with any other Promo or Rewards;
  10. Any benefits of this Promo are not retroactively applicable to any subscriptions enrolled prior to the Promo Period;
  11. All eligibility actions of the Participant must be made and completed in the Promo Period;
  12. The Participant ceases to be “Participant” immediately upon termination of the Eligible Subscription or the Eligible Payment Services. Thus, the benefits of this Promo become annulled and not subject to reimbursement in any form;
  13. THIS PROMO BECOMES AUTOMATICALLY NULL AND VOID TO PARTICIPANTS who act unlawfully or breach these Promo Terms or Finom TERMS & CONDITIONS;
  14. Regardless of whether words are capitalized or not in these Promo Terms, the Finom TERMS & CONDITIONS, including the Finom Reward Rules, apply to all the meanings and regulate the relations of the User and Finom. 

Promo Period: from 01 November 2023 to 31 January 2024, 23:59 CET.

Promo transferability: Offerings of this Promo are only available to the Participant and cannot be shared or transferred to any other person.

Successful opening of Finom Business Account: activation of Finom Business Account in the name of the Participant in accordance with the Finom TERMS & CONDITIONS in the Promo Period.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Finom Terms & Conditions France as posted on Finom website and as amended from time to time.