All your business finances in one place

  • Link any bank account to FINOM within one minute

  • Access all account balances, transactions and contractor data from the same screen

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Connect your bank accounts to FINOM to get all your finances in one place

Got 27 seconds? Watch a short clip and learn how our multibanking works!

Know your finances almost as well as your accountant

You can easily see from which account it is best to pay from or invoice to at any given moment

When your bank fails you, make instant payments with us - all your contractor billing details are stored with FINOM

Your finances are secure

  • All data transfers are encrypted end-to-end via TLS encrypted channels.
  • FINOM has no access to your online banking credentials. They are encrypted at least twice, using RSA and AES 256 bit, and cannot be accessed without one-time passwords.
  • You can disconnect your bank or revoke your GDPR consent to transmit and access data at any time from your FINOM dashboard.

Expense management is easy when you know exactly what you paid for

Expense types are applied automatically to all expenses in any account

Transport / Consumables / Rent and utilities / Communication / Business trips

Connect your bank

Your invoices will never be forgotten

  • Don’t let your customers forget to pay invoices (47% of them do so)
  • Easily match the invoices issued through FINOM with any bank transactions
  • Set up automatic payment reminders for your customers and get their money on time

Never lose sight of a single movement in your finances

Connect any bank account to FINOM before closing it

FINOM will store all transactions and contractor details in our system