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Complete team and personal expense management solution — from issuing cards to exporting accounting-ready data

5 steps to organize your expenses

  1. 01

    Issue cards for you and your team

  2. 02

    Customize limits & set spending policies

  3. 03

    Track expenses

  4. 04

    Collect documents

  5. 05

    Export accounting-ready data


Issue physical
& virtual cards

Order physical or virtual prepaid cards for you and your team directly from the app in seconds

  • Up to 3% cashback
  • 0€ commission
  • No limits on quantity
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Customize card limits

Issue, block, limit and top up — manage your company cards in real time. Decide your own spend limit. Never go over the set budget.


Stay on top of expenses

Check out our magical features that allow to track expenses online, with less mistakes and lost data compared to traditional paperwork.

  • Exhaustive transaction log with history
  • Customizable real-time notifications
  • Powerful search engine with filters and sorting

Snap or upload receipts

  • Upload receipts, invoices, contracts, and any other documents with a snap
  • Upload receipts for expenses around the world in foreign currencies
  • One more click and your receipts and invoices are digitalized with our auto-recognition feature

Bulk export in a couple of clicks

Built-in bulk export to get your transactions and ready for accounting documents data

  • Export reconciled or raw data
  • Sort by time period or wallet
  • Multiple formats — PDF, MT940, CSV and others

Manage with desktop or mobile

Get everything done in a single blazing fast interface. Out of office?
Every feature is fully supported with state-of-the-art mobile application to support you and your employees on the go.

Get your team expenses organized

Join 50,000 happy Finom customers and enjoy an all-encompassing Business Account, Invoicing and Expense Management solution.

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All-in-one Digital Platform for your Finances

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Access to Business Platform

Accounting integrations

All transactions history in smart dashboards

Real-time notifications


Number of connected banks and payment service provider

Payment initiation requests

Mobile app (iOS & Android)

99% guaranteed uptime SLA

Role and user management

Accountant access

Manual access to wallets for team members

Visual analytics of income and expenses

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Security First

  • Industry compliant

    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliant

  • GDPR Compliance

    Our servers are protected and hosted in the European Union

  • TLS protocol

    Data encryption prevents it from being stolen or intercepted

  • 3D Secure

    Confirm each online card transaction with a unique one-time password

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Customer support, providing real-time care

  • Dedicated phone or video support

  • Response time less than 1 minute

  • Interactive Help Center available 24 hours


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