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  • Legally verified — every step is accompanied
    by professional legal assistance
  • Free of charge — for all clients who subsequently
    open an account with Finom
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Easiest way to get your SAS or SASU running

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State-of-the-art solution for your business without over-payments

At Finom, we believe in making the most modern, technologically advanced and functional solutions available to those who drive the economy forward — entrepreneurs.

We’re excited to partner with a company that that shares our values completely. Legalfree — company that breaks the ice delivering top notch quality solutions for starting your legal proof business for affordable price.

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Forget everything you know about starting a business





Drafting of statutes and management of formalities

0 €

99–150 €

500–1 800 €

500–1 500 €

Compulsory fees (legal notice, registry)

230 €

230–250 €

230–300 €

230–300 €

File checked by a lawyer

Obtaining your Kbis

48 h

48 h

48 hours–2 weeks

48 hours–2 weeks

Online capital deposit

65 €




Pro Account - Finom

Chartered Accountant - optional
(monthly fee)

110 €

On request

Domiciliation - optional
(16th district of Paris underneath)

Domiciliation? We got you covered!

Benefit from the prestigious location of Virtoffice. Manage mails with ease and save your valuable time. Get certificates online in just 3 minutes

  • Mail

    We scan all your mail, you save precious time

  • Expense reports

    Virtoffice also digitizes your expense reports and invoices.

  • Packages

    Don’t miss a single package with Virtoffice

  • Bailiffs’ letters

    Get instant notifications from Virtoffice when the Bailiff sends you important letters related to your company.

  • Recommended letters

    Don’t waste any more time picking up your registered mail at the post office, Virtoffice takes care of everything.

More than 50,000 entrepreneurs have already taken the plunge.

What about you?

  • Very practical, efficient and free

    Blandine V.

  • Legalfree, top in terms of responsiveness. I recommend it.

    Rachid M.

  • Ergonomic platform, very clear to create your company.

    Jean-Michel R.

  • Why pay when Legalfree is free?
    Great concept.

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    François F.

  • One saves time by creating its company, because all in one: statutes, deposit capital, domiciliation, Kbis.

    Elodie C.

Focus on what matters. We take care of the rest

Financial solutions now at fingertips for entrepreneurs.
For every task, every challenge you take — Finom is your reliable assistant

  • Company Creation
  • Expense Management
  • Business account
  • Accounting
  • Cards
  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing
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French IBAN account for small businesses, freelancers and companies under registration

Don’t wait for weeks — get your IBAN account opened online in 48 hours

  • Start as low as 0€ for a fully functional account. No hidden commissions

  • Enjoy whopping up to 2,000 € ATM withdrawal monthly limit

  • Connect your other accounts and manage your finances in a single interface with our multibanking feature

  • Get your peace of mind with up to 100,000€ deposit insurance

Physical and virtual cards for you and your employees

  • Issue multiple free Mastercard debit cards with 0% commission for you and your team
  • Take just several clicks to instantly create a prepaid virtual card
  • Pay on the go with your smart phone using Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Set limits, freeze, track, top-up or block cards in just a minute from mobile or desktop