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The smart alternative to Revolut with advanced features

Unveil why Finom is the ultimate business account for German companies and freelancers

Here’s why

  • Top-notch solution

    Business account opened from the comfort of your couch in 2 days. Free cards, state-of-the-art invoicing, payments all around the globe, and more;

  • Nearly any German legal form

    Freelancers, GmbH, oHG, GbR, UG, companies under registration, etc.

  • Never overpay

    We’re fully digital – no costs on branches. Ever seen our billboards and TV ads? No, we don’t spend on it;

  • Never walk alone

    Our lightning-fast phone, video or chat customer support assists you at every step of the way.

Finom: we have it all and more


Overall pricing

per month when paid annually

from € 0

for a fully functional business account

from € 0

for a fully functional business account

German IBAN


Up to 3%

Only for selected customers


VAT reporting

Accounting integrations



Legal forms

Freelancers, sole proprietors, self-employed, GmbH, OHG, GbR, AG, KG, KGaA, PartG, UG, eK, eG, GmbH & Co. KG, Gmbh iG, UG iG, companies under registration.

Self-employed, GmbH, KG, PartG, OHG

Virtual cards

Physical cards

  • Solo - 3
  • Start - 6
  • Premium - 15
  • Custom - 30

3 per user, all for free

  • Standard - 1
  • Premium - 5
  • Metal - 10
  • Business Plus - Unlimited

Cash withdrawal

Up to € 10,000

  • Standard - € 5,000
  • Premium - € 20,000
  • Metal - € 50,000
  • Business Plus - Unlimited

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Transfers from abroad

EUR - Free

Other currencies: available for the Custom plan users

  • EUR - Free
  • GBP - 0,15%
  • USD - 0,20%
  • AUD - 0,25%

Transfers abroad

Free SEPA and Direct Debit transfers (free monthly volume depends on the chosen plan), SEPA Instant transfers

Transfers to 150 in 20+ currencies available for the Custom plan users

  • EUR - Free
  • Other currencies - 0,5%

Please note that this comparison table doesn’t encompass each platform’s complete range of offerings. We recommend visiting the respective platform’s website to explore and compare all the features and services.

Why choose Finom for business?

  • Icon of Person

    Free business account

    Open a fully functional business account with invoicing for as much as €0
  • Icon of 3 percent

    Up to 3% cashback

    Use your VISA cards and score cashback that pays the subscription off
  • Icon with document and signature


    Create and send smart invoices in 60 seconds and get paid 20%+ faster
  • Icon with euro currency

    Expense management

    Add your teammates and customize their wallet access & spending limits
Open account1-month free trial available on any plan

Entrepreneurs love Finom

Check what our users are saying about us on Trustpilot

  • It was easy to set up a business account for a company in the founding process. And the support was excellent – they replied quickly when I asked where to claim my referral reward.

    Hana C.

  • Finom has been an absolute game-changer for my startup journey. Their platform is incredibly user-friendly, and the customer support is top! It's honestly one of the best experiences I've had in the digital world. Banking is no longer a hustle for startup founders.

    Fares H.

  • Fast and easy registration. The whole process from the start to the ready business account took less than an hour.

    Sascha K.

  • Happily using Finom as a Business Account. The performance of the App is super fast. Everything works nicely!

    Joschua G.

  • I worked with many digital financial platforms, and I must say Finom has the best business account, it’s my favorite! Integrated accounting helps you save costs with your tax consultants, too.

    Michel X.

  • I am freelancing as a Web Designer and Finom has given me the opportunity to keep track of my finances in a highly efficient manner. Easy to use, nice user interface, and free of cost.

    Vadim R.

More than 100,000 entrepreneurs all across Europe have already taken the plunge. What about you?

  • 4.7
  • 4.7
  • 5.0

Security is our top priority

  • Safeguarded funds: unlimited

    We have a separate Safeguarding Foundation supervised by the DNB to manage your money

  • Passkeys and 3D Secure

    Your money is protected with secure passwordless authentication and single-use passwords

  • GDPR Compliance

    Our servers are protected and hosted in the European Union

  • Reliable partners

    To minimize risks, we’ve partnered with one of the largest multinational banks, BNP Paribas, to hold your funds


  • Who is Finom?

    Finom is your go-to financial platform, born in 2019 in the Netherlands. It started as a smart e-invoicing solution but quickly evolved to become the trusted companion of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs across Europe. We process about €1 billion in monthly transactions, and our reach extends to France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Poland, and of course, Germany. Such big names in the investment world as Target Global, General Catalyst, and FJ Labs trust us too. With Finom, you can open a business account in a few clicks, fully online. You can manage your finances from your phone or laptop with our mobile and web apps. We cover everything from payments and invoicing to bookkeeping and team access, all with transparent pricing and zero hidden fees. You'll get a local IBAN, free virtual and physical cards with cashback, SEPA & Direct Debit transfers, and much more.
  • Who is Revolut?

    Revolut is an international online financial platform founded in London that offers personal and business accounts with IBAN and operates in Germany as well. Similar to Finom, Revolut emphasizes providing users with transparency, facilitation, and control over their personal and business finances.
  • What subscription plans does Finom offer?

    We've got five subscription plans to choose from: Solo Plan Perfect for freelancers, it's completely free and packed with features that simplify daily tasks: a German IBAN, free virtual & physical VISA debit cards, ApplePay & GooglePay, invoicing, a €500 monthly free ATM withdrawal limit, and up to 50 free SEPA & Direct Debit transfers, all within the intuitive app with no hidden fees. Plus, our support team is lightning-fast and ready to help. Start Plan Tailored for startups, it costs €7 per month (if paid annually). You can manage your business account with a partner, enjoy 2% cashback that offsets your monthly plan cost, pay on the go, and get quick in-app support when you need it. Premium Plan Ideal for SMEs, it's €24 per month (if paid annually) and lets you add up to 5 team members to your account for efficient delegation and expense tracking. You can customize wallet access and provide individual cards with 3% cashback for your team, allowing each of them to be responsible for their own area of payments. Corporate Plan Designed for growing businesses, it accommodates up to 10 team members and costs €90 per month (if paid annually). You'll get free business expense cards with 3% cashback, optional spending limits and no monthly SEPA transfer restrictions. Custom Plan This plan will be a discovery for those who deal with international payments in various currencies. For €99 per month, you can benefit from quick international transfers from/to 150+ countries in 20+ most popular currencies, great currency exchange rates (Interbank + 0,5%), and more. No forced conversion, free incoming transactions, no amount restrictions – this plan opens a range of possibilities and comfort for those who act and sell globally.
  • Are there free subscription plans at Revolut?

    Yes, but if compared with Finom, it includes fewer free transfers monthly, and doesn’t include built-in VAT reporting tools.
  • Are there any key differences between Finom and Revolut beyond invoicing that only are available at Finom?

    We would mention one more significant difference between them – availability for a specific number of German legal forms. Finom offers its platform to Einzelunternehmer (Self-employed), Freiberufler (freelancers), GmbH, OHG, GbR, AG, KG, KGaA, PartG, UG, eK, eG, GmbH and Co., KG, Gmbh iG, UG iG owners. While the eligibility for the Revolut business account is confined to Self-employed, GmbH, KG, PartG, and OHG only.
  • I’m a freelance photographer, are free Solo plan features at Finom enough for me?

    Absolutely! Our free Solo plan is tailor-made for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs. It includes all the essentials for your business, like a German IBAN, free VISA debit cards, on-the-go payments, smart invoicing, a €500 monthly free ATM withdrawal limit, and up to 50 free SEPA & Direct Debit transfers. And if you decide to upgrade, the cashback might just cover your monthly plan cost.
  • I plan to run my marketplace and sell beyond the EU, is it real to accept payments from the US and Canada with Finom?

    Sure! Check out our Custom plan, designed for international payments in various currencies. It offers quick transfers from/to 150+ countries (75% of transfers come within the same business day!), competitive currency exchange rates (20+ most popular currencies & no forced conversion), and more. You'll be able to receive and send payments of any amount from around the globe with ease and no hidden fees.
  • That’s cool that Finom has cashback, is it fixed?

    No, the amount of cashback depends on your chosen plan, still, it spreads on all transactions made in-store or online with both physical and virtual Finom cards. The higher your plan, the more cashback you'll earn: Start Plan: 2% cashback Premium Plan: 3% cashback Corporate Plan: 3% cashback Just remember that there are a few rules, like a maximum cashback limit per month based on your plan (from €10 to €90). Plus, as Finom VISA cards are eligible for inner VISA promotions and special offers, you’ll benefit from exclusive deals. For instance, until the end of the year 2023, Finom users can get up to 6% cashback from their accommodation purchases at Booking.com thanks to its joint promo with VISA – read here.
  • Does your support staff speak German?

    Of course! Our support team speaks all the languages of the countries we cover, like German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and more. And yes, English too, of course. So, language won't be a barrier when you need assistance.
  • You write about payments coming faster with Finom’s invoicing. What does it mean?

    It literally means you can get paid quicker! We've made it super easy for your customers to pay directly from the invoice page. You spend less than a minute creating an invoice, and then you can send it via email, Facebook, messengers, or by simply copying the direct link. Your customers can securely pay the invoice right from that page with a simple click. It's fast and, best of all, free! You can read a guide where we explain how to enable this option, and why it's easy and convenient for your customers.
  • Is Finom secure?

    Absolutely! We use advanced anti-fraud techniques, double encryption, and the TLS protocol to protect your personal and transfer data. Plus, all accounts are covered by €100,000 deposit guarantee scheme via Solaris SE. Your finances are in safe hands with Finom – here, you can read more about our security policy.
  • Is it easy to open a business account with Finom?

    Super easy! You can do it all online in under 15 minutes. Just sign up with your email, provide your company details, pass a quick verification, complete the application, and install our app. Once your account is verified (usually in 1-2 business days), you'll have immediate access to a German IBAN, up to 3% cashback, and a bunch of other features.
  • I know my friend uses your service, do you have a referral program?

    Yes, indeed! If your friend shares their unique referral link with you, you both get rewarded. You'll enjoy 3 free months on any subscription plan of your choice, and your friend will get a little something from us too. So don't miss out on this win-win opportunity! Check out the full Terms & Conditions and Reward Rules for all the details.