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Additional company rewards program

Thanks to a special promotion taking place between 7 April to 15 May 2022  - FINOM will reward you for opening a second banking account (or more) under your current profile.

You get:

100€ for each additional banking account opened successfully within your FINOM profile.

How it works:

If you have an additional company (or more) and have not yet opened a banking account for them with FINOM,  you can do so now by simply following these instructions to receive the reward. 


This reward will only be applied if you already have one banking account opened with FINOM, and during this promotion period you then open any further additional accounts.

You will receive a separate reward for each additional company you open successfully during the promotional period.

To get this reward you should complete all necessary steps of the application process for your additional company before 23:59 on 15/05/2022.

This offer is only available for additional companies based in either France or Germany.
This reward will be credited to your FINOM  rewards account on or before 23:59 on 31/05/2022.

FINOM Terms & Conditions and Reward Rules apply.