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  • How are my funds protected?

    Finom Payments BV (Finom) is a licensed electronic money institution authorized by the Dutch Central Bank - De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) to operate in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

    When you add money to your Finom account or we receive a payment to it, we place the equivalent value of electronic money in your Finom account. As your Finom account is an electronic money account and a payment account and is not a deposit, the law does not let us pay you interest. 

    Even though Finom does not take deposits in the meaning of traditional deposit scheme guarantees, we do keep your money safe and never lend it to anyone else. Your money on a Finom account is managed as safeguarded customer funds. To separate such customers’ safeguarded funds from Finom’s own funds, Finom has established a separate safeguarding Foundation which is also under the supervision of the DNB. To make sure your funds are held protected, Finom partners with the most reliable and stable European banks such as BNP Paribas. One of the largest banking groups in Europe, the scenario of BNP Paribas going bankrupt is unlikely. 

    If Finom were to become bankrupt , the safeguarded customer funds would not be accessible to Finom’s creditors and would be returned to you in full under DNB’s supervision. The safeguarded customer funds would remain protected and available to you any time as Finom’s customer.

  • Who are Finom's investors?

    Finom has earned the trust and attracted the interest of global investors such as: Target Global (already investors in companies such as Omio and TravelPerk), General Catalyst (a venture fund from Silicon Valley that has supported business such as Airbnb and Kayak) and FJ Labs: a stage-agnostic consumer-facing fund with headquarters in New York City, founded by Fabrice Grinda, and the number one angel investor in the world according to Forbes.

  • Is my data safe with Finom?

    Finom protects your data and guarantees the highest level of security:

    • Finom does not have access to your online banking credentials, and they are double encypted (access security is also ensured via the use of a 
      one-time password that is mandatory for every access attempt).
    • All data transfers are encrypted end-to-end via TLS encrypted channels. Moreover, Finom is GDPR compliant, meaning that you can disconnect your account at anytime and revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data whenever you want. We won't store your data against your will or without your explicit consent.
  • If I need help, can I talk to someone?

    Finom can rely on fast and prompt customer support who's able to reply and solve all of your questions, doubt, and problems in a few minutes and in your language. You can reach us via live chat on our website or app, via email or telephone - during office hours.

  • How Finom differs from competitors?

    At Finom we are setting new standards for doing business, demonstrating how finances can and should be managed in this modern world – as easily as using your smartphone. With Finom you can track your expenses and incomes, you will have the chance to categorize your movement - in order to know always where and how are you spending your money. We provide bank account aggregation, so you can keep an eye on all of your flows in one board. You will have your IBAN, physical and virtual cards, and the chance to manage your invoice and match them with transactions.

  • When was the project started?

    Founded in 2019 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs, Finom first entered the market as the smartest and fastest e-invoicing solution in Europe. Although the company is based in the Netherlands, the first country which has had the opportunity to experience Finom was Italy. 

  • How many customers does Finom have?

    To date, Finom’s customers include over 50,000 freelancers, self-employed, and small to medium-sized companies from all across Europe.

  • What is Finom?

    Finom is a fintech company built specifically for entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises. We believe that small businesses are the foundation of the European economy. Our goal is to simplify the life of those who provide for half of Europe. We came to bring the technologies of the future to business management processes for entrepreneurs, enabling them to spend their resources where it matters the most: on their businesses and on themselves. That’s why we brought together all these different financial services such as accounting, financial management, and a business acount into one solution. Early-stage businesses can sign up for an online account within minutes and immediately enjoy all the advantages of our features via our mobile and web apps.

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