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An invoice email is the most popular method of sending an invoice these days, especially among freelancers and small businesses - instant delivery with no unexpected delays is an undeniable advantage of email invoicing. 

In this article, we will talk about invoice email templates, discuss tips on how to write an invoice and have it paid as soon as possible, and introduce special services to help you with emailing an invoice easily.

How to Write an Invoice Email

Here are a few tips that will come in handy and ensure you get paid on time.

  • Make it professional, short, and simple. An invoice email should be nothing more than that - an invoice email. There is no need to write about anything else. Respect your time and the time of your client - thank them for their cooperation and write that you have attached the invoice.
  • Don’t forget about the subject line. It is better to include the invoice number and the due date in the subject line. Otherwise, your client may not even realize that you have sent them an invoice and could leave the message for later.
  • Include a brief description of your work, your rate, and information related to any other expenses. Your client must know exactly what they are paying for. Nobody likes surprises here.
  • It is better not to include your invoice in the body of the email but to attach it, preferably as a PDF. It is more likely to be compatible with the device and operating system they are using.
  • Even if you use an invoice email template, take a few moments and personalize it. Write a personal greeting and include a sentence or two about your work. Your client will definitely be glad and see that you have put in the effort and time to write them personally.
  • Use special services like Finom. They will save you time and protect you from accident typos or mistakes in your emails.

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How to Write a Good Cover Letter for an Invoice Email

We have recommended keeping your invoice email simple, short and professional. However, if you have been working with the client for a long time or the project was complicated, you may wish to write a cover letter for your invoice. There might be information about your rates, whether or not you are going to change them in the future, the cost of each part of the project (ingredients for the final product). 

It is a good idea to include your contact information and the dates when you were working on the project. If you know your client really well, you may end the message with some personal things like thanking them for their trust and your hopes to continue working with them in the future.

Eight Elements of an Invoice 

The invoice email is a crucial part of your business. It is not only an instrument to ensure you get paid on time but also a way of keeping your communication friendly and professional. A correctly written invoice gives you and your clients a chance to have a long and mutually beneficial partnership. Here are eight things you should remember to include when writing an invoice email:

  • The name of your business logo
  • The invoice number and date
  • Customer info: full name and contacts
  • Amount to be paid
  • Due date
  • If an invoice doesn’t have a link, there should be clear payment instructions
  • A shortlist of the products or services the client is to pay for
  • Terms and conditions of the preferable payment method.

Finom Invoicing Services

Have you ever created an invoice in 60 seconds? Finom invoicing service offers you a way to optimize the process of sending an invoice email and save time for more crucial things like relaxing after a hard day’s work or generating new ideas.

Focus on what’s important without wasting precious time on collecting information about your bank transactions and connecting invoices with incoming payments. Finom will take care of it for you. 

What does Finom invoice management have to offer?

  1. Invoice generation. Most of the invoice data is filled in automatically.
  2. Collection of payments. You no longer need to roam through your bank account details - everything you need is on the one screen: income, expenses, contacts, attachments, the status of payments, tax management.
  3. Finom is the first company that has managed to combine several services, including accounting software integrated with invoicing and a bank account. You get a clear picture of your cash flow and provide yourself with financial management in a few clicks.
  4. Automatically send regular friendly reminders to your customers about the due dates of their payments. Your clients won’t forget to pay you and won’t delay it as all they need to do is to push the button. Besides, with Finom, you can send an invoice via messenger applications like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.
  5. Finom automatically compares invoices with the money received in your bank account, so that you will get payment verifications.

What to Do If You Haven’t Been Paid for Your Services On the Due Date

It feels so awkward for some people to remind clients that they haven’t paid. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to panic about. It may have simply slipped your client’s mind, or the email may have got lost in the dozens of business messages people receive every day.

Your work deserves to be paid for. Politely but firmly remind the person about the payment. Don’t forget to provide the invoice number and the due date.

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Is an Invoice Email the Best Option?

Here are some advantages of invoice emails, especially those created with the help of a Finom special invoicing service:

  • It is fast
  • Your invoice email contains no mistakes
  • Use messengers to send your invoices if your client doesn’t check their email regularly
  • Friendly automatic reminders are sent if you haven’t been paid
  • No accountant needed - you can manage and run your finances and tax payments via a special program by Finom
  • All invoices are connected with incoming payments

With Finom, it is possible to send invoices even without creating a business account. All you need is 5 minutes of your time to get full and free access to all options like creating, sending, storing, and paying invoices.

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Final Thoughts

A well-written invoice email is an important step in building an effective, long-term partnership. Don’t forget about email templates. Keep in mind (or it’s better to write down) a checklist of things to mention in the email and try the Finom invoice service to organize your finances.

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