It’s been more than 3 months since we sent you the last Finom Digest. During this time, we delivered many new features and fixed an enormous amount of things to be one of the most secure and stable financial services on the market.


Now it's time to tell you more about all of the work that we have done. You should know that all the features that we're working on, we're doing this with your help. We're getting many great ideas from you every day, and that's why we decided to launch a new service — Finom Ideas. From now on, you can submit any ideas you have regarding our functionality. Then, we'll carefully read it, discuss it with our team and respond to you with our thoughts about this idea. Also, don't forget to invite your friends and partners to Finom. Please share your experience with them and enjoy all the benefits we have to offer. Thank you for your trust, Ivo from Finom.


Get paid faster than ever before

  • Now your partner is able to pay for the invoice directly on the invoice page without wasting any time.
  • Our smart auto reminder won’t allow your clients to forget about the due date as we will remind them to pay the invoice.

Export statement and invoices 

  1. Export transactions not only from your Finom account, but also from your connected banks.
  2. Export data to your accounting software. You're able to export a CSV-file with all the transitions. Does your accounting software require a special format of this CSV? Not a problem — you can choose what data and what columns you want to export!

Integrate Finom with your accounting software 

We created a new section where we added the first integrations with accounting software. We will continue to work in this direction and bring you more and more integrations with services that you're using for your business.

Connect your other banks to Finom

We've partnered with Klarna, Europe’s most scalable and proven open banking platform. With Klarna you can connect your other bank accounts and use them from the Finom dashboard. Soon you will not only be able to just see the payment history and your account information from your Finom dashboard, but you will also be able to make payments and get your invoices paid directly from the invoice page.

Use your wallets as you want 

Do you remember that you can create multiple wallets, each containing their own individual IBAN? Well, now you have the ability to exclude the balance of any individual wallet from the total balance in the dashboard.

SEPA Direct Debit

SEPA Direct Debits B2B is mainly used by public institutions (DGFIP, URSSAF, SIE ...). To authorise the Direct Debit from your account you can now register the SEPA Direct Debit B2B mandate with Finom once received from such an institution. See article for more details.

Liveness check

Did you want to open a freelancer account with us, but did not have two forms of ID? Problem solved. Only one form of ID is now required to open a Finom account. If you still don't have an account with Finom, then now is the best time to get one.


Invite your friends and partners to Finom and get 50€

Share our benefits with your friends and partners! We’ll give you 50 € for everyone who opens a business account with us using your referral link. Also, every friend that joins Finom using your referral link gets a reward as well - 3 free months on any plan.

New in our invoices

We continue working on improvements for our invoicing solution. We know that there is still a lot of things to do, that's why today we are glad to present these upgrades to you.

Invoice status on the dashboard We added the status of your invoices directly to the dashboard. This will help you to see the details immediately without having to go further. 

Credit Notes If something goes wrong and you want to cancel your invoice by creating a credit note, just find the invoice in Finom and select "Cancel by Credit note" in the context menu. 

Customisation of your invoices. Now you can customise your invoices by adding your brands logo to them. Use the "Preview & Customise" button when you create an invoice and add a logo. You can also change fonts and colours too.

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Invite your accountant Invite your accountant to help you with finance management: manage reconciliation, categorise invoices, and create and export them in required formats. We created special access for accountants so it will be easy for them to find what they need in order to carry out their role.

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