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Maximize your start-up’s profits with Finom

Online business account for start-up owners and teams.
Unbeatable low subscription fees, quick account opening,
enhanced finance management, intuitive mobile and web apps.

Get started with Finom

Alleviating start-up
struggles – discover how

Starting a business is tough. We are here to help you escape the burden of high fees and complexity:

  • Get your IBAN ready in 24 hours

    Forget about lengthy account setup

  • Act global

    securely store and manage investor funds

  • Never feel stranded

    with our prompt and responsive customer support


  • Track cash flow

    and reinforce teamwork with our user-friendly app

  • Receive and send money everywhere

    150 countries, lowest FX rates

  • Cut through paperwork and challenges typical for traditional banks

Finom’s suite of benefits designed for your start-up

  • Business Account

    Open a fully functional business account in less than one business day.

  • Free cards with cashback

    Free cards for you and your teammates. Earn cashback on all business expenses.

  • Manage business across borders

    Ideal for complex organizational structures and founders spread across Europe.

  • Essential business tools

    Smart invoicing ,accounting automation, customized team wallet access.

Make payments easily

Our multi-purpose business account ensures your start-up keeps more of its hard-earned money.

  • Exceptional up to 3% cashback

  • On-the-go payments

    with ApplePay or GooglePay

  • S E P A

    & Direct Debits

  • International payments to
    150+ countries

  • Up to € 10 000

    monthly ATM withdrawal limit

Why Finom is a game-changer

  • Get a European IBAN in one business day
  • Pay locally and globally with no hidden fees
  • Safely store investor funds in your business account
  • Use smart invoicing that makes them pay you faster
  • Manage your income and expenses in one place
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1-month free trial available on any plan

Entrepreneurs love Finom

Check what our users are saying about us on Trustpilot

It was easy to set up a business account for a company in the founding process. And the support was excellent – they replied quickly when I asked where to claim my referral reward.

Hana C.

Finom has been an absolute game-changer for my startup journey. Their platform is incredibly user-friendly, and the customer support is top! It's honestly one of the best experiences I've had in the digital world. Banking is no longer a hustle for startup founders.

Fares H.

Fast and easy registration. The whole process from the start to the ready business account took less than an hour.

Sascha K.

Happily using Finom as a Business Account. The performance of the App is super fast. Everything works nicely!

Joschua G.

I worked with many digital financial platforms, and I must say Finom has the best business account, it’s my favorite! Integrated accounting helps you save costs with your tax consultants, too.

Michel X.

I am freelancing as a Web Designer and Finom has given me the opportunity to keep track of my finances in a highly efficient manner. Easy to use, nice user interface, and free of cost.

Vadim R.

Manage your finances like a pro

Control expenses and simplify accounting

  • Issue, top-up or limit cards for employees in clicks

  • Enjoy full visibility in customizable dashboard

  • Transactions tracking

    with real-time

  • Automated VAT extraction

  • Take a picture and attach bills with a tap

Over 100,000 entrepreneurs in Europe already love Finom, so why not join them now?

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  • 4.7
  • 5.0

Finom pricing and plans

Subscription plans at a fair cost tailored to fit your business.




0 €0 €


14 €17 €

/month (excl. VAT)
you save 36 €

One month free, cancel anytime


28 €34 €

/month (excl. VAT)
you save 72 €

One month free, cancel anytime


from 119 €149 €

/month (excl. VAT)
you save 360 €

Users included






1 %

3 %

3 %

0 %

Access to Business Platform

Accounting integrations

All transactions history in smart dashboards

Real-time notifications


Number of connected banks and payment service provider

Mobile app (iOS & Android)

99% guaranteed uptime SLA

Role and user management

Accountant access

Manual access to wallets for team members

Visual analytics of income and expenses

Dark theme

Security First

  • Industry compliant

    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliant

  • GDPR Compliance

    Our servers are protected and hosted in the European Union

  • TLS protocol

    Data encryption prevents it from being stolen or intercepted

  • 3D Secure

    Confirm each online card transaction with a unique one-time password

Learn more


  • Who is Finom?

    Finom is your go-to financial platform, born in 2019 in the Netherlands. It started as a smart e-invoicing solution but quickly evolved to become the trusted companion of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs across Europe. We process about €1 billion in monthly transactions, and our reach extends to France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Poland, and of course, Germany. Such big names in the investment world as Target Global, General Catalyst, and FJ Labs trust us too. With Finom, you can open a business account in a few clicks, fully online. You can manage your finances from your phone or laptop with our mobile and web apps. We cover everything from payments and invoicing to bookkeeping and team access, all with transparent pricing and zero hidden fees. You'll get a local IBAN, free virtual and physical cards with cashback, SEPA & Direct Debit transfers, and much more.
  • How safe is my money with Finom?

    Your money is in safe hands because we strive to provide a high level of security to protect it: - With cutting-edge measures such as Passkeys and the added shield of 3D Secure, confidence accompanies every transaction. - Your account is exclusively linked to your smartphone, providing an additional layer of protection, while real-time push notifications keep you informed of all account activity. - Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, our platform is fortified to safeguard your account against financial crime and card fraud. - The app allows you to customize security to your preferences: you can instantly block or freeze your cards, modify your PIN, and set up spending limits and access controls. In addition to the security measures on the Finom platform and applications, there are also legal regulatory measures of the institution providing your business account, i.e. Safeguarding your account via Finom Payments B.V.: - When you add money to your Finom account or receive payments, we ensure that the equivalent value of electronic money is placed in your account. - It’s important to note that your Finom payment account isn’t a deposit account, which means we can’t pay you interest due to legal restrictions. But rest assured, we keep your money safe and never lend it to anyone else. - We’ve established a separate Safeguarding Foundation, supervised by the DNB, to manage your money as safeguarded customer funds. - We’ve partnered with reliable European banks like BNP Paribas to hold your funds. BNP Paribas is one of the largest banking groups in Europe, minimizing any risk. - Even in unlikely scenarios, such as Finom or BNP Paribas facing bankruptcy, your safeguarded customer funds remain protected. They are not accessible to Finom’s creditors and would be returned to you under the supervision of the DNB. Please note that PNL Fintech B.V. (Finom) does not provide or guarantee these deposit protection methods. For more information, please refer to the Terms of Finom Payments.
  • Can entrepreneurs from any country open an account?

    Currently, we open business accounts for companies based in and operating from Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. Our invoicing plan is available in Poland, while freelancer and customized corporate tariffs can be picked by any of the EEA countries’ entrepreneurs. The legal representative (the sole individual authorized to open a business account on behalf of a company) and the beneficial owners must possess a valid residence permit in one of the mentioned countries, irrespective of the country where their passport/ID card is issued. Additionally, we welcome applications from US residents and citizens establishing businesses in the EU.
  • As a US citizen, can I open an account for my business operating in the EU, and is FATCA compliance required?

    Yes, US citizens are eligible to open a Finom business account for their enterprises established in the EU. Unlike traditional banks, Finom, as a licensed electronic money institution authorized to operate in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), doesn’t require FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) compliance for opening accounts. We strive to provide financial services to all individuals legally running their businesses in the EU, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations governing our operations. Therefore, US citizens can confidently engage with our platform without needing FATCA documentation.
  • Can I make SEPA and other international transfers (like SWIFT)?

    Yes, Finom allows you to send payments within the SEPA zone and international payments worldwide.
  • Does Finom offer cashback?

    Yes! The amount of cashback depends on the plan you're using and applies to all in-store and online transactions. Depending on the tariff, you can get up to 3% cashback, and in some cases, you can receive additional cashback from Visa promotions and special offers. To see exactly how much cashback you're eligible for, check your plan details.
  • Does your support staff speak my language?

    Of course! Our Customer Care team speaks all the languages of the countries we cover, like German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and more. And yes, English too, of course. So, language won't be a barrier when you need assistance.
  • Is Finom secure?

    Absolutely! We use advanced anti-fraud techniques, double encryption, and the TLS protocol to protect your personal and transfer data. Your finances are in safe hands with Finom – here, you can read more about our security policy.
  • Is it easy to open a business account with Finom?

    Super easy! You can do it all online in under 15 minutes. Just sign up with your email, provide your company details, pass a quick verification, complete the application, and install our app. Once your account is verified (usually in 1-2 business days), you'll have immediate access to local IBAN, up to 3% cashback, and a bunch of other features.
  • I know my friend uses your service, do you have a referral program?

    Yes, indeed! If your friend shares their unique referral link with you, you both get rewarded. You'll enjoy 3 free months on any subscription plan of your choice, and your friend will get a little something from us too. So don't miss out on this win-win opportunity! Check out the full Terms & Conditions and Reward Rules for all the details.