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Finom Services

Within access to all-in-one business platform

Invoicing Solo

Invoicing Start

Invoicing Solo

Invoicing Start

0 €

0 €

4,99 €
/month (paid annually) (excl. VAT)
you save 24 €

6,99 € /month (paid annually) (excl. VAT)

Price per month (paid monthly)

0 €

6,99 € excl. VAT

Price per month (paid annually)

0 €

4,99 € excl. VAT you save 24 €


Maximum users



Role and user management

Accountant access

Accounting integrations


Multi-banking. Connected banks

Outgoing SEPA transfers from connected banks (FREE while beta)

Invoicing basic

Digital invoices (in/out)

Incoming e-Invoices

Outgoing e-Invoices per month


B2B,B2C,PA e-Invoices

Invoices statuses tracking

Auto-reminders of your customers

Fast invoice payments by your customers (Free for now)

Manual reconciliation of invoices and receipts

Automate reconciliation of invoices and receipts

Duplicating invoices

Credit notes

Customization of invoice templates



Contact management (coming soon)

Goods and services management

Import invoices to Finom (XML)

Automatic collection of documents


Mobile app (iOS & Android)

Support (SLA < 30 minutes)

Full API access

99% guaranteed uptime SLA

Visual analytics of income and expenses

For our detailed price list, download PDF here