Referral rewards program

Finom rewards you and your friends for staying with us!

Thanks to our referral program, you have the chance to earn €50 and gift a permanently free Finom Business Account to your friends just by sharing your personal link.

Your friends can use your personal link to pre-subscribe right now, but they won't be able to open an account until autumn when the Finom business account is launched. After each friend opens an account, you will receive a €50 reward!

This is how it works:

Copy the link in your referral page

Send it to all your friends, partners and family (unlimited)

When they open an account, you get your €50 prize!

Remember: you will only get €50 if your referrals actually open an account.

The more friends you invite to open an account, the more money you earn!

Monitor your price situation by clicking on the referral page. At the bottom, there is a detailed chart to keep you updated with the prizes you've earned and the number of Finom Business Account you've gifted.

You can redeem your prize by transferring it to your Finom business payment account if/when one is opened.