I subscribed to pre-order a Finom Business Account. What happens next?

If you subscribed to pre-order a Finom Business Account – congratulations! You now have the chance to become one of the first 1,000 clients who can open permanently free accounts in autumn!

This article explains everything you need to know while waiting.

Your Finom Business Account will be ready to use in autumn 2020. As an early bird, you will be notified of our launch date and must act and actually open your Finom Business Account to get your permanently free Finom Business Account.

Remember: this offer involves significantly more than 1,000 subscribers – so check your email and telephone regularly. We will advise you on our launch date and you need to know when and how to open your Finom Business Account to ensure the advantages of our permanently free offer.

Choose from two plans for your permanently free account:

  • Solo plan for freelancers and the self-employed – you will never be charged the monthly rate of €8.99!
  • Start plan for companies – you will never be charged the monthly rate of €20.99!

Both plans are our starter plans for each category and include all options for SMEs, the self-employed, and freelancers. With this offer, get all the basics needed to handle your business in the smartest and wisest way.

After opening your Finom Business Account and enjoying all the features of the plan selected for free, take the opportunity to customize your account and add additional services and features at a very affordable rate. The best thing is that you will only pay for the services you truly need!

If you haven't yet subscribed to pre-order our Finom Business Account, now is your chance to be one of 1,000 clients who will open a permanently free account in autumn!

Become a Finom user by opening a free user's account. Subscribe to several services (your choice) and under the terms defined in the TERMS & CONDITIONS.