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Launch your company with Finom

No more waiting for weeks or overpaying at other banks

  • 100% online service requiring just a few clicks
  • Start from 228 € 114 €. No hidden comissions
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  • Start from
    228 € 114 € during the first year

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Deposit my capital

Complete 4 simple steps and get your
Capital Deposit

Experience the speed and convenience of our fully online process

  1. Provide your company information

    Share the general details of the company you are planning to register

  2. Transfer
    a Capital Deposit

    Make a transfer to our Notary account so that we can confirm and sign your certificate of Capital deposit

  3. Verify your

    Prepare your ID document, allow camera access and follow the prompts of the system

  4. Get Capital deposit

    Receive your signed and stamped Certificate within 48 hours after the payment

An affordable business account with essential functions and minimal limitations

We recommend you choose the Start plan, which includes the Capital Deposit certificate



from 114 €

228 €228 €

first year

excl. VAT

The offer is valid until 31/05/2024


then 14 € per month, billed annually


from 236 €

472 €472 €

first year

excl. VAT

The offer is valid until 31/05/2024


then 34 € per month, billed annually


from 746 €

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first year

excl. VAT

The offer is valid until 31/05/2024


then 119 € per month, billed annually

Capital Deposit Included

Users included





2 %

3 %

3 %

Access to Business Platform

Accounting integrations

All transactions history in smart dashboards

Real-time notifications


Number of connected banks and payment service provider

Mobile app (iOS & Android)

99% guaranteed uptime SLA

Role and user management

Accountant access

Manual access to wallets for team members

Visual analytics of income and expenses

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What you get with Finom

  • IBAN in just 72 hours
  • Free physical & virtual cards
  • Up to 3% cashback
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Accounting software integration
  • Simple yet powerful invoicing
  • Expense management solution
  • In-cloud Document storage
  • French IBAN account for companies under registration

    Get your IBAN account opened online in 24 hours

    • Start as low as 5 € for a fully functional account. No hidden commissions
    • Enjoy withdrawing up to €2,000 per month from ATMs
    • Connect your other bank accounts and manage your finances in a single interface with our multibanking feature
    Open account
  • Physical and virtual cards for you and your employees

    • Issue free multiple Mastercard debit cards with 0% commission
    • Instantly create a prepaid virtual card in just a couple of clicks
    • Pay on the go with your smartphone using Apple Pay & Google Pay
    • Set limits, top-up, freeze or block cards, and track expenses in a flash on your mobile or desktop
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The deposit is stored on the Notary’s account held by Caisse des Dépots

After your money reaches Finom account the deposits are protected by applicable deposit guarantees up to € 100,000

  • 3D Secure

    Confirm each online card transaction with a unique one-time password

  • GDPR Compliance

    You can disconnect your bank or revoke your GDPR consent to transmit and access data at any time from your Finom dashboard

  • TLS protocol

    All data transfers are encrypted end-to-end via TLS encrypted channels.

  • Industry compliant

    Finom has no access to your online credentials. They are encrypted at least twice, using RSA and AES 256 bit, and cannot be accessed without one-time passwords

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  • What is Capital Deposit, and why do I need to do it?

    To found a company in France, companies must put a capital down. When the founding capital is paid, company receives capital deposit certificate. You will then bring your certificate to the chamber of commerce, to initiate the registration of your company. The amount you need to deposit depends on your company’s legal status, and activity.

  • Have you already registered your company?

    If you have already registered your company, and you have your KBIS and SIRET, you do not need to do capital deposit with Finom, you can just begin the normal account opening process.

  • How do I know if I’m eligible?

    • You must be registering a company in France
    • All Beneficial Owners must have European nationality or proof of residency in France
    • You must have a fixed capital
  • What is the process?

    1. Start the Finom business account onboarding process, and confirm that you need Capital Deposit. When you’ve completed your application, we’ll begin reviewing your documents. Should anything be missing, we’ll contact you within 1 business day. At this point, you should send your Capital Deposit funds to our partner Notary.
    2. We will then send your documents to our partner Notary, who will prepare your capital deposit certificate. After the notary has received all funds for your deposit, the Notary will take 2 business days to provide your certificate. When the Notary has provided your certificate, you will be able to download it directly from your Finom profile.
    3. Upon receipt of your signed and stamped certificate of deposit, you must submit it to the registry of the commercial court. You can do this directly online, or alternatively you can present it in person to the commercial court in your area. When your company is registered, you will receive your official registration document «KBIS» and your registration number «SIRET».
    4. When your company is officially registered, you need to return to your Finom account and continue with the business account opening process.
    5. After your account application is approved, your Finom account will be opened. We will then request the notary transfer the funds to your opened Finom account. Your money will be deposited within 5 business days of your account being opened.
  • Do I have to deposit my entire share capital?

    No, you do not have to deposit your entire share capital to set up your company.

    • In SARL: the partners are required to pay up to at least 20% of their cash contributions at the time of incorporation.
    • In SAS: the partners are required to pay up to at least half of their cash contributions on incorporation.
    • In SA: the shareholders are required to pay up to at least half of their cash contributions upon incorporation.
    • In SNC: the modalities related to the partial payment of the capital are fixed in the articles of association
  • Can I make my capital deposit with a fixed and variable capital?

    You can only deposit your capital if it is fixed. Unfortunately, Finom does not accept variable share capital.

  • What proof of address is accepted?

    Please note that we accept the following documents as proof of address:

    • Utility bill
    • Most recent income tax return
    • Rent receipt

    This document must be not be handwritten and contain the following information:

    • Full name
    • The date of issue, which must not be more than 3 months old
    • Full address
    • Unpaid bills are not accepted
  • How long does it take to get my certificate signed by the notary?

    Upon receipt of your funds and validation of your documents, you will receive the certificate of deposit signed and stamped by our notary within 48 hours.

  • How long does it take to get my capital deposit back on my Finom account?

    Upon opening your business account, we will send your new Finom RIB and KBIS to our notary who will return your share capital within 5 working days.

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