Documents ready for accounting

Collect documents and link them with transactions –
your accountant will be happy.

Start collecting

All your documents
in one place

  • Store documents in the app

  • Provide documents on notice

  • Forget about paperwork

  • Cut accounting

Collect documents for future accounting

Store documents in the app and make them available on demand.

Dedicated email for your paperwork

Receive documents directly within FINOM, by simply using a dedicated email address we've created for you.

Keep tabs on operations

View unreconciled operations and balance right in the dashboard and monitor income and expenses for future tax reports.

Automated reconcilation

Create links between documents.
Prerpare for accounting.
Your taxes will be safe and sound.

Bulk export in a couple of clicks

If you need to export reconciled documents for accounting, built-in bulk export is the feature for you.

  • Export by time period
  • Multiple formats available

Automate document recognition

Upload documents to FINOM and have them automatically recognized and validated

  • 95% accuracy
  • Works with invoices and reciepts

Save time on accounting
with our super allies

  • lexoffice
  • datev
  • sevdesk
  • fast bill
  • zuper

What you get with FINOM

  • IBAN in just 48 hours
  • Free physical & virtual cards
  • Up to 3% cashback
  • Apple and Google Pay
  • Accounting software integration
  • Simple yet powerful invoicing
  • Expense management solution
  • In-cloud Document storage

Security First

  • Industry compliant

    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliant

  • GDPR Compliance

    Our servers are protected and hosted in the European Union

  • TLS protocol

    Data encryption prevents it from being stolen or intercepted

  • 3D Secure

    Confirm each online card transaction with a unique one-time password

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Customer support with real-time care

  • Dedicated phone or video support
  • Response time less than 1 minute
  • Interactive Help Center available 24 hours

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